Woven Strap



★High strength

Can replace the use of steel strap, it has a lot of advantages than steel strap.Can absorb the vibration in transit, thus ensuring the goods in the long-distance transport with excellent impact resistance.

★Applicable temperature and climate

Woven strap will not rust, and the application of a wide temperature range (can be -40 ~ 130 ℃ under normal work).


Lighter than the same strap, easy to operate. The woven strap is welcomed by the customer and the user because it does not hurt hands.

Woven  strap

★Environmental protection

The woven strap can be recycled like most of the plastic. Easy to use, do not occupy the place.

★High efficiency

The use of woven strap is much higher than the use of steel, and less waste. Use the woven strap without considering the warehouse capacity, security factors and other issues.



It has wide range of applications, it can be used in packing and transporting large machinery, glass, pipe fitting, steel, wood, paper making, chemical engineering and mental items

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