Strap Tensioner & Sealer

1486365070810271.jpgCombined with steel buckle to use, it includes tensioner and sealer .The tensioner can be used for 12mm-19mm pet strap ,and how to choose right sealer is according to strap and buckles’specification ,for example, if you use 1607 pet strap & 1606 steel buckle ,you should choose 1606 sealer ,and if you use 1607 strap and 1608 steel buckle ,then you should choose 1608 sealer. At present , we have two types tensioner T33 and H33 , with very low failure rate, light, cheap, suitable for harsh working environment, low quality requirements of production workers, it will save 20cm strap than steel strap for one operation.


Manual tensioner is a commonly used packaging machinery,widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemicals, clothing, postal and other industries, suitable for carton packaging, paper packaging, parcel letter packaging,  hardware tools Packaging, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaging, daily supplies packaging, sports goods packaging, equipment, packaging and other types of goods automatically bundled bundles. Applicable to the need for tensioner to bundle, but the amount of packaging is relatively small business.



-Manual operation, without any power or gas

-Combined with tensioner ,sealer and steel buckle to operate

-Simple operation, easy to move, not subject to site restrictions

-With light weight, easy to carry

-Can used for Pet strap and PP strap

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