PET Strap

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-Cost Saving

PET strap can save about 50% cost compared with steel strap. Through comparative analysis between PET strap and steel strap, we found that 25mmx1.2 mm PET strap can replace 32mm*1mm steel strap in heavy packing case. With the same breaking strength, PET STRAP can get 6 times longer than steel strap in the same size, as PET strap is only 1/6 of steel strap in density. That’s why our PET strap can dramatically help customers save 50% cost.


PET strap has good elongation and no sharp edges like steel strap. PET strap can keep 5% retaining strength after tightening, confirming the perfect condition of packages. The distinctive characteristics of no sharp edges ensures the harmlessness of operators.

-Environmental Protection

PET strap is a new type environmental-protection product and recyclable. It has the features of moisture proof, anti-rust, water proof, corrosion-resistance and non-pollution, which is good for export. 

Moreover, the used PET strap can be environmentally-friendly recycled to produce PET fiber.


PET strap is lighter and no gloves needing when using. PET strap is very light and can be carried easily. 

PET strap is much easier to operate than steel strap, which means working efficiency can be highly improved. 

Besides, operator doesn’t need to wear gloves to avoid harm during packing.




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