Slip Sheet

Plastic slip sheet

BSTSTRAP has two kinds of slip sheet ,namely Plastic Slip Sheet and Paper (Kraft) Slip Sheet. 

Plastic slip sheet

Paper slip sheet is composed of high intensity kraft paper ,with special moisture protection processing .It has the advantages of extremely high tear resistance and small weight and volume and can make full use of space of the container and haulace vehicle.


Plastic slip sheet is based on the advantages of paper slip sheet, but it is more resistant to moisture, smoothness and tear resistance than paper slip sheet, greatly increased its use of the number of turns.

Plastic slip sheet

Compared to pallets the advantages are mainly reflected in five areas:

1. Reduced costs, saving space for transportation and storage.

2. The slip sheet is the perfect replacement for traditional pallets

3. According to the different load requirements of customers, customized different load-bearing slip sheet

4. The volume of the 1000 pcs slip sheet is only about 10 pcs traditional pallets’ volume

5. Improve efficiency. With the use of push-pull, fully mechanized operation to reduce labor costs

Slip sheet system: the system requires the use of a forklift with a push truck, transport and storage without tray, very suitable for shipping and internal cargo transport. This system has been widely used in the United States, due to the unparalleled standard of this system, saving space and low cost will become the ultimate way of future international transport.

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