Lashing Strap


Lashing straps are used when the goods are transported, moved, shipped or stored in a fixed function, they are locked, will not fall off, safe and reliable, light, easy to operate, protect the object from damage. Can be based on different hook type, applicable to all kinds of environment.


Lashing strap’s Material:

Strap with weaving: pure polyester

Strap with fastening frame and hook: high pressure forged steel



(1) save time and effort, one person can operate the bundle to produce a huge binding force, fast lifting.

(2) safe and durable, this product uses high-pressure forging steel for the mechanical, strong acid-resistant polyester material combination.

(3) easy to operate, instantly tightened, never fall off, instantly loose, easy to operate, easy to recover kidnapping, do not take up space.

(4) does not hurt the goods, the product is made of fiber material flat ribbon combination, the force point scattered, soft, never hurt the goods.



(1) Use only bundles that are not damaged, and the label can clearly indicate the ability.

(2) can not be overloaded.

(3) Do not knot the ribbon.

(4) When used, please make the fabric away from sharp edges and corners, from wear or cutting.

(5) to avoid twisting, twisting device tensioner.

(6) Do not place objects on a strapping device to avoid injury.

(7) Do not use the balancer as load lifting adjustment.

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