Dunnage Bags & Gun


Dunnage bags is an innovative and simple transport protection tool,PP and PE covered with kraft paper as a tough outer bag and air tightness of the inner bag and the installation of valve processing,and the inner bag is made of 5 layers of PP or PE based film.


One-way check valve inflatable or deflated operation fast, tightly closed, effectively prevent the truck, container or rail transport of goods collide with each other, it is the transport of goods in the original wood or styrofoam new environmentally friendly alternative products.




Dunnage bags’ value

1. Save money: you can save money spent on similar products in the cost of money.

2. Tailor-made: according to the specifications of the goods tailored to make your protection more perfect.

3. To improve the speed: one-way check valve when filling the valve inflatable or deflated operation more quickly.

4. Cargo safety: fully fill the gap between the goods, support the goods due to shake the weight, absorb vibration, protect the goods from damage in the transport.

5. International certification: Switzerland SGS international quality system certification and the EU ROSH testing.

6. Environmental protection and energy conservation: the correct use, the product can be reused, that is environmentally friendly and save your costs.

7. Fast customs: save the company's transportation and storage costs.

Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags will not be very troublesome to use, you only need to be equipped with an air compressor or pull out from the workshop a high pressure trachea, directly equipped with the Division I prepared for you after the inflatable device can be used. In addition, the operator is best to advance in front of the container according to the size of the filling gap on the dunnage bag pre-charge about 70% of the gas, which can greatly improve the loading filling speed.

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