Ching Zhang

Personal introduction:

Ching Zhang,position: Business manager.Induction, she with her enthusiasm service attitude, ability to work effectively as well as the principle of doing things seriously, received the trust of customers.She is responsible for product unanimously acclaimed, passionate working condition is also very good impression to our customers.Believe she will be to bring you the most assured products.

Scope of business: product packaging tape, packing buckle, word buckle, filling air bags and other packaging products.

My motto:

The word as a line.

Chaire Shao

Personal introduction:

Chaire Shao,position: Business manager, education: bachelor degree.Induction, her quick learning ability in a short time can master most of the business content plus her nuanced character, serious and responsible work attitude, made her won the customers trust.In her ability to absolutely can provide high quality service for the general customers.

Business scope: packaging tape, packing buckle, word buckle, belt and turning and other packaging materials products.

My motto:

Luck is the opportunity to happen to hit your efforts!

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