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BSTSTRAP was established in August 2009, the company formerly known as Wuxing Best fiber factory, the main business is the production and sales of packaging materials. In the early days, faced with the use of less resources, production instability, poor information dissemination, product competitiveness and other issues, but in the efforts of all staff to spend the most difficult period, gradually on track


Development period:

As a result of enterprise development needs, the company headquarters in 2011 moved to Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wuxing District Bailian Zhen Lake Road East, No. 1877, the name also has Wuxing Best fiber factory changed its name to BSTSTRAP During the period 2011-2015, the product type, product quality and service level have been developed rapidly. Best has always been committed to becoming the packaging industry. The leader has been working hard.

公司大图2.jpgInnovation period:

With the Internet mobile terminal equipment and the rapid development of new packaging materials to the company has brought development opportunities, Best to actively expand their own advantages. In the new development opportunities, the company will Huzhou Best Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to BSTSTRAP. We use the network information and production technology advantages for the company's continued development to provide unremitting power, more customers for the majority of customers to provide assured products and quality service.

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