Committed to providing customers with safe and reliable transportation solutions

BSTSTRAP in the field of transport packaging safety has developed more than 8 years, with a senior and professional production equipment, product diversification can meet the various needs of.
BSTSTRAP in the field of transportation safety packaging provides a fast, cost-effective solution to the transportation safety.
BESTSTRAP currently offers various solutions for transportation safety supporting products.


8 years of industry experience to bring quality assurance, through the German TUV, SGS certification, can effectively absorb the vibration of the transport process, can always maintain a high degree of tension, no deformation
Security solution
With professional products and equipment, a variety of transportation safety solutions supporting products, to provide customers with a different choice, our cargo safety experts can provide to ensure the overall safety of the goods required for the advice and training
Industry applications
Our product is suitable for different transport scenarios, has been widely used in air transport, shipping, and large warehouse, solve the container transportation industry, steel reinforcement, tail metal materials, paper, chemical, and other industries, the protection of the transport of goods greatly.
customization service
At present, our company has produced white, blue, green, yellow, these four kinds of color fiber packing tape. Color can be customized, there are a number of requirements.
Professional service
Customers in the purchase process found that any of their non - artificial product failure problems can be reflected to the after-sales service personnel
Timely logistics tracking
After shipment, we will inform the customer number, and real-time tracking of logistics and transport, logistics and transport will be timely updated information provided to the customer.

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